Roy’s Blog: “I Am Blessed”

Psalm 23:1-2 (NIV) “The Lord is my shrpherd, I lack nothing. He makes ne lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside quiet waters.”

The last two years have been trying times. In May of 2017 I had the first of two strokes. It was caused by an aneurysm in the back part of my brain. The second stroke came in May of 2018 when the doctor went in to fix some more on that area. He found two more small aneurysms and by the time he ‘fixed everything’, messing around in there caused a second bleed (stroke). Two strokes, three aneurysms, a total of 50 days in the hospital, and two months of rehab and I am back to preaching and teaching God’s word. Many prayers were lifted in my behalf and I thank everyone for them.  I have been wonderfully blessed by the Lord. I have a wonderful wife and church that have supported me beyond words.

I am blessed to be alive, but even more blessed that God is still using me. Many people who have had strokes never make it out of the hospital. Out of those that do, many are left with disabilities that severely limit their capacity to function. I have been truly blessed with the return to health that I’ve experienced. I started doing these blogs (at my wife’s insistence) after I recovered from the second stroke. This is the 200th blog. I hope they have been a blessing or comfort to someone who has read them. My journey will continue as long as God has use for me, and as long as He has use for me I will do my best for Him.

Miracles do happen. I know they do.

2 thoughts on “Roy’s Blog: “I Am Blessed”

  1. Certainly a blessing, comfort and inspiration to me. Thank you for “keeping on keeping on” doing the work God has called you to. Thank you to your wife and church family who took in, without hesitation this stranger from San Antonio who showed up on your door steps one Sunday morning. I am grateful. Thank you, Yvonne


  2. Yes Indeed we are members of God’s miracle house that began with God’s miracle over our faithful Pastor & his wife! We too, have had more then our share of God’s grace & faithfulness, and healings. We stand with all to say, We are covered under God’s wings & glory.We are in His service to pray and stand for others in need. That is the Power and Life of our God! Bob & Rejoyce


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